Rendering & plastering services perth


In the simplest terms, float and set refers to two cement layers and plaster which generally finish internal walls of a house or building. If you’re undertaking a new build, renovating or repairing and looking for a smooth and glossy finish, internal float and setting is a practical solution. This method of plastering provides a smooth, hardwearing, high quality surface to internal walls. The finish is premium and is an ideal base for the application of paint or other decorative finishes. The base is sturdy and durable, meaning it will endure the variation in Perth’s climate. At Xcel Plastering we use a variety of quality internal products, including traditional Whiteset, however we recommend the newer products such as Multifinish or Prorock which can give you a more superior finish.

This gypsum set plaster which can be used on a wide range of backgrounds. This plaster is most commonly used over float coat cement render, plaster board or concrete as it provides a finish akin to the traditional white set. This finish is, in some cases, more superior and ready to paint in a much shorter timeframe. Gypsum set plaster is ideal to use for renovations as it can be applied directly over paint using a bonding agent prior to application.  This makes old, cracked or uneven walls look like brand new.

No matter the finish you select for your home or building, you can guarantee it will be done with the utmost care and precision. When Xcel Plastering commence new jobs, our Plasterers use only the highest quality materials. With decades of experience across the team, we use techniques which take years to master. A high standard of workmanship is guaranteed on every project we undertake.

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