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Acrylic texture is becoming the most popular in modern day building for its durability. The acrylic makes the render much sturdier, offering peace of mind that your new walls will stand the test of time. It provides water resistance and better flexibility than traditional rendering mixes, meaning it is much less likely to crack or stain after application. Acrylic texture is the perfect bespoke solution for those looking to add modernity to a building.

Acrylic texture is most often applied over a render coat and is available in as many different colours as paint is. This means that painting is not necessarily required, however an optional top coat can be used for even better durability. Acrylic texture is often seen as a benefit as the cost of painting can be more than a coat of acrylic texture. Many clients decide to simply remove the painting process as the acrylic texture provides a sufficient result. However, for additional durability your Plasterer may recommend adding extra coat of paint for example like Dulux Acteatex. Together, the acrylic texture and painting promise a more robust and superior finish. Acrylic render can be applied to most surfaces including existing acrylic textured surfaces which may just need revitalising with a new coat of texture.  It can also be applied to plasterboard, painted brickwork, fibre cement and uneven concrete. Traditional render simply cannot stick to all those surfaces. Acrylic render is perfect for Perth’s varying climate because it stretches in line with the temperature. This tractability is why there is a lesser risk of cracking and, overall, a better likelihood of your walls withstanding damage.

Xcel Plastering are experts at applying acrylic texture in Perth. We are committed to achieving the very best outcome and will work with you closely to ensure your every requirement is met. We promise a smooth finish in every job which helps your home meet the perfect balance between modern and timeless.

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